Sérgio Santos, a Coimbra lover.

A good natural iced tea shop nearby. A Starbucks for iced tea.

With less cable TV and more PC boxes conected to TVs, there will be more show’ producers skipping channels’ distribution and going directly online. When channels are no longer watched sequencially, and all shows are downloaded, producers will skip the middleman.

A new platform could help with the transition. A sort of community like Vimeo, but for TV shows. The main difference would be the tools available for monetization:

  • Sell DVDs and swag
  • Charge subscriptions to the hole show, or charge for each episode
  • Display ads on their pages and videos
  • Monitor and interact with their online audience
As a watcher, I won’t pay for cable TV, but I would pay for a show I really liked. Did anyone released this yet?

A service that lets you rent video-conference time with someone.

Having many requests for advice? Go to the service, set up a booking schedule, your hourly rate, and get a public booking link. The service handles all the booking and payments, and when it’s time for a consulting session, sets up the video-call and records it for the client.

This would make consulting over the web too damn easy.

I really liked the concept behind instagr.am: take a picture, run it through some filters and publish it; all in a simple mobile app.

How about applying it to sound clips? Ever recorded a quick interview and wished you could just remove the background noise and publish it? And music experiments? Record a simple riff, play with different effects on it, and share it with friends. That’s it.

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce